Photos of tech installations

Some photos I have taken over the years and some I think is a good example of what I to share with you.

The below images, reflect a bad job on installations of broadband.

Usually, these were in UK and widespread.

I found daily examples of awkward cable installations.
drilling a hole for cable installation, why should you do it yourself? Because you may do a better work.
BT or Virgin Media, who done worse? Two examples.

From these images we can see the lack of professionalism.

Is not aesthetics and does not respect client´s propriety.

Also it can leads to bad broadband and it can be dangerous, specially, if it is installed at children´s reach.

Moreover, the wires, can be pulled off or be chewed by animals.

Confusing network cable installation.
Fiber cable issues
Could be better cable work.

The images above are from outdoor box providers.

It easy to see that these distribution cabinets are overflowing. 

Therefore, interferences on broadband distribution is likely to occur.

It is almost impossible to find the right cable.

Even the most diligent engineer will make mistakes while working on these poor mantained cabinets.

This situation, is provider´s responsability. 

And reflects no maintenance .

Besides, it is evidente the one on the left side and the one on the right side need to tide up,  to ensure the correct installation, to minimize interferences on broadband bandwith and to facilitate engineers  job´s.

box installed correctly
images cables
The FTCC inside looks like.

Examples of good broadband installation.

On the first two images, we can see examples of good broadband installations. 

The cables are straight, no funny angles, it is covered and just the necessary holes were made.

Moreover, it respects the property, it is safe for children and pets.

Also, for maitenance is easier.

The third image, shows a working street cabint and it is possible to see the sections it has.

For instance, the cooling fans are not covered, which is important for air circulation and stop overheating. If this occur, the broadband will suffer interferences and eventually stop and you will have no internet connection.

I have taken these pictures where is possible to see and identify a couple of reasons why the broadband connection is not working.

In the first image, there is an optic cable bend that broke down the fiber.

Domestic fiber optic cables do not hold up to pressure and easily break. 

In the second image, the fiber cables are not organized and tangled together making it hard to connect the proper fiber cable.

Finally, in the third image, another bend. Is easy to see the red light coming out of the fiber cable, which means is broken.