Is fiber optic better than copper for customers?

Is fiber optic better than copper for customers? In theory, yes. Have a look at these fiber optic pictures I have taken and tell what you think.

Is fiber optic better than copper for customers?

Fiber optic cables can transmit data faster than copper cables because they use light instead of electrical pulses to carry data from one point to another. This light can travel a lot further and a lot faster than copper cables in a much shorter amount of time.

If you already have fiber optic installation and the connection is down it could be down for various reasons.

As a telecommunication engineer, I am daily called to find and fix these issues.

I would like to share my findings with you as a customer and with my dear colleagues.

Why my broadband connection is down?

Why my broadband connection is down?

I have taken these pictures where is possible to see and identify a couple of reasons why the broadband connection is not working.

In the first image, there is an optic cable bend that broke down the fiber.

Domestic fiber optic cables do not hold up to pressure and easily break. 

In the second image, the fiber cables are not organized and tangled together making it hard to connect the proper fiber cable.

Finally, in the third image, another bend. Is easy to see the red light coming out of the fiber cable, which means is broken.

Which is better, fiber or copper?

By using electricity to transmit information, copper cables pose a fire hazard and a shock hazard. Handling these cables incorrectly can do more than damage the cables themselves; it can also harm you, through shock or fire.

When not properly cared for, the risk of fire rises significantly.

Copper cables are prone to corrosion. Many copper cables have now been abandoned because of this. 

The other reason is that cooper cables were able to transmit data up to 100 metres.

Fiber optic cables, however, use light to transmit information, so they can’t pose a fire hazard at all.

They require more care but do not pose a risk when being handled.

Data travels up to 25 miles with fiber optic cables.

Fiber optic cables are made of tiny strands of glass, each about the size of a human hair, and use light pulses.

Thus, they can carry a lot of data—up to 60 terabits per second—at speeds just slightly slower than the speed of light.

Copper cables, limited by the speed at which electrons travel, can only reach about 10 gigabits per second.

For all, exposed above, fiber optic cables are better.

Just a note of advice, DO NOT LOOK at the fiber light. It may cause serious damage to your eyes.

The reason why your internet connection is down

The reasons your internet connection is down, considering the pictures you have above, are poor cable installation, supervision, and maintenance.



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